Work has begun!

I’m really excited to say that work has begun on our new store. I’ve been assured that things will move rapidly and we should be looking like a store by the end of next week. It’ll be an empty store, because I still have to get inventory in there, but just the same it’ll be painted and pretty with our own Femme Fatale ARMS Style.

I have my Concealed Firearm License, what next?

Unless you’ve taken advanced firearms courses you probably have minimal firearms training.  As I’m sure you know, owning and carrying a firearm is a big responsibility and you are only at the beginning.  Join a shooting group that actively promotes learning something new as well as reinforcing what you already know.  Take private tactical classes to improve your handling skills and ABOVE ALL, become familiar with the legal do’s and don’ts of Firearm ownership and carrying.    

We all have that trusted family member or friend who keeps us informed, but I caution you, if they are not an Attorney or Law Enforcement officer you may not be receiving accurate information.  JON GUTMACHER is an attorney who lives in Brevard County.  He has dedicated his retirement to keeping Firearm owners informed of the latest and clearest interpretation of FLORIDA and FEDERAL LAWS in relation to SELF DEFENSE.  His easy to read book is a wealth of information for any GUN OWNER who wants to understand her rights and responsibilities.  

The cost of the book is a small investment compared to being arrested and charged with a MISDEMEANOR OR FELONY!  Educate yourself, Mr. Gutmacher’s book “FLORIDA FIREARMS Law, Use & Ownership can be purchased at FEMME FATALE ARMS at a discounted price.  Stop in and get yours today!  


Behind the scenes

Right now I’m busily pulling together all the details behind the scenes in order to get our new location established. Yesterday I met with my interior designer Maureen Gerrity, and does she have a lot of great ideas!  I’m happy she’s come on board because there’s no way I can do all of this by myself. For those of you out there who are wondering if there’s something you can do to help, there is! Maureen has a super creative idea that involves used brass bullet casings, and I’m going to need a lot of them. So if you’re able to collect your casings after you shoot I’d like to have them. You don’t have to clean them or anything just bring them to the store at the flea market in a bag.  I’ll be collecting for the next month.

Ladies shooting club has been moved from Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club to our new range in Sebastian at the Indian River County shooting range. We meet the last Saturday of every month at 9 a.m.  

Shoot Safe,


Happy Easter

I hope you’re enjoying this beautiful sunny day in paradise. Richard and I took a very rare day off together and are starting it by enjoying Bagels at Einstein Brothers and then we’re off for a bike ride. Just to be clear they are bicycles not motorcycles. We’re trying to stay healthy by exercising, although motorcycles would be a whole lot more fun.  

Next week I’ll be placing orders to begin building inventory for our new store!  

Just Arrived!

The newest and latest items for sale in our store.  Here I am able to list not only newly arrived firearms but other items and events that will interest our customers.  I hope you are able to find what you are looking for, if not – just call me and ask if I can get one in as a special order.  -Maria


This is my first attempt at a BLOG and since I’m me, you’ll see a variety of errors and successes in my posts. I have the ability to laugh at myself as well as allow others to laugh with me. I’ll also laugh at others and help us all to avoid the same pitfall that they were caught in. I plan to share some sobering facts and anecdotes that I have learned from and feel my readers will benefit as well. So hold on, we’re in for a lot of fun and education.