AR-15: A Defense Rifle

AR-15: A Defense RifleWe have also added a training class for the DR-15…”The AR -15 Experience”…Click here to learn more and sign up!; Each month Dennis, one of our resident firearms experts and enthusiast will do a review of one of the many firearms available at Femme Fatale Arms and Training. This month Dennis’s review is of the Live Free Armory LF-15 “Defense Rifle”
Before I start this review I first must say that because of all the negative media coverage that the ”little black rifle that could“ gets, we here at Femme Fatale Arms and Training have decided that we will no longer refer to the Armalite rifle version 15 as simply AR, we have decided to instead use DR (defensive rifle) as this better represents one of the reasons a lot of us have purchased these rifles.
There are hundreds of DR-15 pattern rifles on the market today from just as many manufacturers. Everyone from Adams Arms to Wyndham Weaponry makes at least one model; some are great while others are just ok. We here in Central Florida have a few local manufacturers that make them as well. Again, some are fabulous while others are not even worthy of me mentioning their name. One of the best local companies that we carry is Live Free Armory just down the street in West Melbourne.
I have previously reviewed one of their DR pistols and it was my experience with them that led me to purchase one of their LF-15 rifles for my wife for our anniversary. Their base rifle comes with a 16 inch black nitride finished 1 in 7” twist barrel, one of their 15” inch full float Key Mod hand guards, a Rogers six position adjustable stock, a 30 round Magpul windowed magazine, and a fabric carrying case, all Cerakoted to your choice of a wide range of colors plus the option of a battle worn finish. The M-16 style bolt carrier group is also Nitrided for proven reliability.
Live Free Armory also offers a few upgrades to add to your rifle and I picked and tested a few of them. The first is the Ergo lower parts kit which features Ergo’s Beavertail pistol grip, no slip trigger pins and a trigger as smooth as any high dollar custom rifle on the market today. Another upgrade I decided on was the MRE muzzle break. This is, in my opinion, the best upgrade you can do to the rifle. The decrease in felt recoil plus the almost absence of muzzle rise over the birdcage flash hider is worth every bit of the extra $45 that it costs.
At the range, I fired both .223 and 5.56 ammo in several different grain weights at distances from 50 to 200 yards. The rifle worked perfectly with no malfunctions, all together I ran 400 rounds through it. I was extremely pleased with both the accuracy and operation of this awesome rifle.
So if you are in the market for an DR-15 come on down to Femme Fatale Arms and Training at 4270 Minton Rd Suite 107 Palm Bay Fl.(behind Long Doggers) and check one out for yourself. We have also added a training class for the DR-15…”The AR -15 Experience”…Click here to learn more and sign up!; so check out our website for more details about us and all of our training opportunities!
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Tulsa Robbery Shooting: Heroic Women & Lessons Learned

By now many of you have seen the video of the Tulsa Oklahoma liquor store where 2 women (Mom & Daughter) fought off an attacker who was armed with a shotgun. What these women did was nothing short of heroic….and effective.  Their lives were on the line and they protected each other, effectively ending the situation and coming out safe.

As with any confrontation, regardless of the outcome, there are always lessons that we can learn to help us better prepare and handle situations that may occur in our own lives. You never know when you may find yourself in a life-threatening attack, so having a plan and being as prepared as possible is the best way to insure you survive. I would like to look at the many things these ladies did right, then explore a few other lessons that we can take away from what happened that may make a difference, should something like this happen to us.

  • First, these ladies both had firearms. Had they not, either or both may not be with us today. The guns were loaded and ready in the event of just such an incident.
  • When the robbery began, the daughter first tried to get her gun, but upon realizing she wasn’t able, made an effort to de-escalate the situation and took a passive stance until she could. This was smart as she did not appear to be a threat and he turned his attention to the register.
  • When opportunity arose, these ladies armed themselves. The daughter grabbed her Mom’s gun and handed it to her then later retrieved her own, while taking cover behind the register for safety. Support, teamwork, and action.
  • When the chance arose, the Mom took direct action and fired. After firing at the attacker, who ran out, the Mom proceeded to lock the door so he could not get back in, rather than following him out. Unfortunately the glass was shot out and he was able to return, but this was the right thing to do.
  • When the attacker tried to disarm the Mom, she made sure the barrel was pointed away from her daughter and continued to pull the trigger, insuring the gun was empty when the attacker finally wrestled this from her. During the struggle the daughter managed to wound the attacker trying to save her Mom. Had the Mom not had the sense to empty the gun, both could have been killed as he then attempted to shoot them with her gun.
  • …and these ladies fought. They fought hard, and they kept on fighting until they had a chance to get away, which they did. They did not resolve themselves to be victims and are alive today because of it.

These ladies performed admirably and bravely, took action, and saved their own lives.

Let’s step back through now and look at a few other things we can learn that may help with any such situation. This is in no way a criticism of the actions these ladies took as nobody will get it all right once a situation starts and the adrenaline hits us…they survived and that’s as right as it gets!

By way of additional actions to consider:

  • First, the guns were under the counter. Even though the daughter saw the attacker, she was unable to get to her gun right away. The best place to keep a firearm is on your person. When he turned his attention to the register she would have had the ability to take action quickly…and I have no doubt she would have.
  • When calling 911, once they are on the line and have the location, it is better to put the phone down (don’t hang up) so both hands can be used on the firearm for better control and accuracy. Always use 2 hands where possible.
  • When the robber came back he was still a threat and attacked the Mom. When a threat exists the most effective action is to fire on the threat repeatedly until the threat is neutralized. Very often people will fire then pause, or wait. The most effective strategy is to fire until the attacker is no longer capable of attacking. Notice how long this attack lasted…Despite being hit in the arm, leg, and chest, the attacker was capable of continuing. Repeated firing to center mass will end the attack as quickly as possible. Fire until they stop.
  • When firing at an attacker, it is also most effective to close the gap and move closer, increasing the chance of an accurate hit. Under the effects of adrenaline, you will miss more often than hit. Closer means more hits…The daughter did this a few times actually, and that is when her shots were most successful.
  • Training and practice: More is always better. The more you practice the better you will perform under pressure, the more accurate you will shoot, and your chances of coming out of such a violent confrontation will increase.


If you have any questions about this or anything else firearms or defensive shooting related, or are interested in training or the purchase of a firearm, please visit or come see us at 4270 Minton Road, Palm Bay, Florida.




An Interesting “Pistol” for Home Defense

Live free Armory AR Pistol review

Let me start by saying that I normally prefer the rifle and carbine variants of the AR platform, but found myself intrigued at the pistol the folks over at Live Free armory in West Melbourne brought to the shop for us to sell. Of course, the first thing that I did was break down the pistol to clean, inspect, and oil it. What I found was a great surprise. The purple “Battle worn” cerakote finish was flawless and extends to the inside of both the upper and lower receivers. All internal components are top quality, the bolt carrier was polished to perfection then received a nitride finish. The barrel is ten and a half inches long, with one of Live Free’s custom muzzle brakes, and is made from 4150 chrome moly vanadium steel.

While I have not yet fired the pistol (hopefully next week) the boss has, and she says the action is smooth, recoil was very well managed by the buffer. She also says the trigger was light and crisp, just like one would want in an AR pistol. She aimed using a “Sig Romeo Three” and stated that the pistol was extremely accurate. I look forward to shooting it myself, if it shoots as well as it is made I think I will be a big fan of “Live Free Armory”. Updates to follow after I have a chance fire it

If you are in the market for an AR-15 you might want to come on down to Femme Fatale Firearms and training at 4270 Minton road in Palm bay and take a look at these gems from a local company. The rifles and pistols that they build are of top quality and are available in a wide range of colors. They offer AR-10 rifles in .308 and 6.5 Creedmoor, and AR-15 rifles and pistols in 5.56 NATO and 300 Blackout. We at Femme Fatale also carry most of the major manufacturers and can find the firearm to make you happy.

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Yesterday I finally had a chance to get to the range with this pistol. Let me tell you I was very surprised at how well this gun shoots. Trigger is smooth crisp and clean. The muzzle break functions flawlessly and the accuracy is beyond what I imagined. When I first looked at this pistol I knew it was mechanically sound, but after firing it all I can say is wow. If you are in the market for an AR pistol you can’t go wrong with this one.




Shotguns for Home Defense

Many people currently use a shotgun for home defense.  The shotgun is a good choice, however as with any firearm, it is important to understand the weapon and how to use it properly.   There is a lot of mis-information out there regarding shotguns.  No other weapon has been given such a big reputation for stopping power and ease of use.  Some of it is true, but some of it is also incorrect and exaggerated.  Incorrectly using a shotgun you can miss your target and potentially cause personal injury.  I am hoping to provide some clarity and understanding so you can make an informed decision if you are considering a shotgun to protect your home.

First a little about “what is a shotgun”:  What makes a shotgun different from a typical handgun or rifle is what comes out of it.  Handguns and rifles fire a single bullet.  Shotguns fire many pellets at the same time held together by a plastic “shell”.  Pellets can be very small (these are used for bird hunting) or larger (used for deer hunting or self defense).  There is also what is called “slug”, which is a single bullet for a shotgun and only used for very specific purposes.  The bigger the pellets the more stopping power.


You will also hear about “gauge”.  This is basically telling you how big the “shell” is.  The bigger the shell the more pellets it holds.  The 3 most popular are 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410.  The difference is the 12 holds more pellets than the 20.  The .410 holds the least amount of pellets.  The more pellets of a certain size the shell can hold, the more stopping power.  Note: If you own a pistol that shoots shotgun shells like the “Judge”, it will shoot .410…more on that below.


9mm, .410, 20 gauge, 12 gauge                          12 gauge 00 buck (          .410 00 buck   (

Why do people recommend shotguns? …The shotgun has great stopping power, which means if you were to shoot at an attacker with one, and hit them, it has a very high probability of stopping them by only shooting once…if the right ammunition (Shells) are used.  That part is true.

You will often hear “you don’t need to aim, just point and pull the trigger”, or worse “you only need to point it down the hall and shoot”…the assumption being made that the pellets will spread out in a group so wide that they will hit anything in front of you.  That part is not really true.

A typical self defense distance is around 20 feet in a home.  If you use self defense ammo (often called “buckshot” or “00 Buck”) the reality is the group of pellets will only spread out to about the size of the palm of your hand at 20 feet.  If you just point without aiming, there is still a high probability you will miss altogether.  If you use shells with small pellets (called “birdshot”), there are more pellets in the shell and they spread out further, but only a couple of inches more.  Still no bigger than your hand with fingers spread open at best…you can still miss.  If you are going to use a shotgun you still need to aim to be sure you hit what you need to.


21 feet, 00 Buck (                                    15 Feet, 00 Buck (

You will hear that shotguns “Kick”.  This is the recoil caused by the ammunition firing.  The same as when your pistol jumps when you pull the trigger.  This is very true.  You aim a shotgun by putting the back (Butt) against your shoulder and looking down the sights.  When you fire the shotgun the recoil causes it to push back…or Kick.  A shotgun shooting defensive shells (“buckshot”) kicks harder than most rifles, and if not held properly, will bruise and potentially injure your shoulder.  If you do not stand properly it can also cause you to fall backwards. If you use small pellets (“Birdshot”), it will kick less, but will have far less stopping power.  The smallest Birdshot can bounce off a water jug at the distance across a large living room.

The below video shows what can happen if you are not properly holding the shotgun.  This is completely avoidable with proper instruction:


When held and aimed properly, the shotgun can be easily managed.  This video not only shows the proper way to hold the gun but also shows how “birdshot” spreads at different distances:


The bottom line is this:  If you are going to use a shotgun for home defense, be sure you practice with it just like any gun.  Training will help you to shoot it effectively without hurting yourself.  If you choose a 20 gauge (fewer pellets) instead of a 12 gauge, it will have less recoil ( “Kick” ) and still have great stopping power.  If you use a .410 keep in mind it has very few pellets and you have to be very very close to have sufficient power to stop an attacker.  .410 shotguns are typically what parents who hunt will start their children off shooting when they are very young…and very often they shoot with it runs away rather than stopping.

That brings us to the Pistol type shotguns such as the “Judge”.  Because the barrel on this type of gun is very short, the pellets have a much lower speed, which means less stopping power.  They also spread out more at a short distance.  The recoil is also very noticeable.  If you are going to use this type of gun it will be important to be very close to your attacker to be effective, and you will still need to be able to effectively aim your gun.

                judge group                                                                                            .410, 00buck, 15 feet, from a” judge”  (

A shotgun can be a great self defense weapon, however it still has its limitations and can be hard to manage without proper training.  Always shoot the gun you shoot best and are willing to continuously practice and train with.

To learn more about Femme Fatale Arms & Training or to reach out to us for more information, visit our website:




Shooting while Pregnant

When we are pregnant we are advised to avoid many hazardous activities that may injure the developing fetus.  We take extra care to give our babies the best and strongest start in life, making all the sacrifices necessary to keep our babies safe.  From the information I read in recent publications, I advise women who are pregnant or nursing to avoid shooting a firearm in addition to avoiding the area when others are shooting.

shooting while preg

There are a variety of chemicals released into the air including lead when a gun is fired.  The chemicals are quickly absorbed, exposing the unborn child to toxins unnecessarily.

Champion shooter and mother, Julie Golob, has written a well researched paper  “Shooting While Pregnant, a resource for expecting moms”. (click here to read more) Medical expert Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D. explains the “serious complications for both the fetus and the mother, including miscarriage” linked to shooting a firearm during pregnancy.

“I recommend that, during pregnancy, women not shoot firearms at all, unless in self-defense.” Fabrice Czarnecki, M.D.

If you feel yourself going into shooting withdrawl, you have the option of dry-fire and airsoft.  You can practice nearly every aspect of shooting without using live ammo.  This is a great time to practice clearing the house or shooting from behind a wall or other surface.  Be creative but be safe, soon you will have a little shooting partner to join you.
#FemmeFataleARMS #shootingwhilepregnant


The good ole’ boys vs women shooters.

I’m happy to see changes taking place in the minds of women who are becoming more and more comfortable with firearm ownership.  Female firearms owners are taking classes and practicing with their firearms and we are looking for more opportunities to do just that.  It seems that whenever change is happening, one segment evolves faster than another.  Women shooters are quickly growing in their quest for new challenges and opportunities.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the male dominated shooting industry is as receptive as they claim to be.  Most any woman who has ventured into any male dominated arena knows what I am talking about.  There are men in positions, who for whatever reason, will find excuses to impose barriers to women who venture into their territory.  A woman works and educates herself to develop skills for the activity just as any man, but additionally she must fight the existing male establishment which institutes different standards and expectations than are expected of a male in the same position.  These standards, policies or practices would be unacceptable when invoked on a male, yet they are accepted, and supported by the other males in position who also wish to “protect” their industry and will support the bullying tactics used on a regular basis against women.

After two years of incident free training at PMRPC, I was asked to resubmit a training proposal for the club president to review in order to continue using the club’s pistol range.    Once the proposal was submitted , email was the avenue for discussing concerns the PMRPC board, aka Dan Y, had about my training.  I wanted to face the board and address the questions in person, however,  I was offered a meeting on the side of the road on the club grounds with only Dan..  Dan Y, while acting in the capacity of President of Port Malabar Rifle and Pistol Club, and representing the board of directors, committed a battery against me on the grounds of the club.   The action was unacceptable, and I brought it to the attention of the full board of directors, (click here to read my email) The club Secretary “Jim S” on behalf of the board, sent me an official response via Certified mail, dismissing this behavior (click here to read their response).  This letter is a reflection of the true, deep seated, culture of this organization.

Time for change is upon us as members of PMRPC.  Step forward and run for a seat on the board, submit your name before November 27, the elections will be held at the January 20 membership meeting.  Women, if you are an associate member without the ability to cast a vote, encourage the voting members in your household to Vote for individuals who not only support women but, understand the laws that all professionals abide by to protect women and provide a safe environment for all members to enjoy.  PMRPC needs to have women represented on the board and I encourage all women to consider holding a position.   I will be happy to meet with you to discuss this further.

The liabilities caused by the archaic thinking of the current PMRPC board of directors can easily destroy this club.

Think for the future, women are the future and we are not going away.





Unexpected Fan

I love speaking at women’s groups.  There are always so many questions that they are intimidated to ask anywhere except among their friends.  So when the Republican Women’s Network of South Brevard asked me to speak to their group I happily accepted. I was seated at the table with the president of the club Teresa Fleenor and other very friendly ladies.  Seated across from me was a lady who told me she was very happy to learn she would be in town when I was scheduled to speak to the club.  She said she knew her daughter would be interested in what I had to say as well, so she invited her to join the meeting.  The three of us had a very nice conversation before and after I spoke to the group.  It was only at the end of the activities that I learned the the lady was Katie Posey and her Daughter Pam.  Congressman Bill Posey’s wife and daughter.  What an honor it was to have the opportunity to share my message of independence and support to such wonderful women.   I love what I’m doing!20171019_212732-02

I met an amazing woman…

A few days ago, I attended the annual Purses with a Purpose fundraiser to benefit Serene Harbour a local shelter for women escaping domestic violence.  I donated a concealed carry purse and a gift certificate for their silent auction and learned that the keynote speaker Melissa Dohme-Hill, had placed a bid on my purse.  I was flattered!  Then, I was offered an opportunity to be introduced to her, and without hesitation I said, YES!  Melissa had survived a savage attack from an ex boyfriend that nearly killed her.  She has now dedicated her life to sharing her story and ending domestic violence with speaking engagements in both local and international venues.

Melissa didn’t win the purse at the auction, but the story doesn’t stop there – I invited her to my store where she could have her choice from my full selection of Concealed Carry purses.

Melissa and her husband Cameron arrived later in the day – we talked about guns and Melissa shopped the purses, she has a Smith & Wesson .38 special revolver and Cameron expressed an interest in showing Melissa semi-autos.  Melissa shared with me that learning to use a firearm was an empowering experience and it actually helped her to heal emotionally.  However, she was unable to find a semi-auto that she had the strength to rack.  She explained that she had suffered damage to her hand from the attack and was concerned that she would never be able to use a semi-auto.  With some counseling on racking technique and trying a few of our “lady friendly” firearms, Melissa found two semi-autos that she was comfortable with their fit!  My husband and I chatted with them in the store for nearly 2 hours, Melissa and Cameron are top-shelf people, Richard and I really enjoyed listening to their dreams and plans for the future.

I feel as though I was able to make a difference that day,  I was able to help an organization, “Serene Harbour” to continue their incredible work in the community helping women, and I made a new friend, a woman who I respect and admire her strength in turning her experience into fuel to go into the world and educate others.  It was an honor to meet you Melissa…   I love what I’m doing. 🙂

48 hours Melissa Dohme

Vegas Killings

It is just over a week since the horrible attack on innocent concert goers in Las Vegas.  We want someone to blame, someone to focus our outrage on, the shooter took that from us when he killed himself.  So many people including myself ask… “why did he do this”.  I heard someone today say it’s not his motive that’s important, it’s his intent.  He entered that hotel room with his firearms with the intention of killing humans.  To me it doesn’t matter why, they didn’t deserve it, no one deserved to die at the concert that evening.  But he intended on making his mark that night.  He was responsible for the killing of the most innocent Americans as they enjoyed an evening of music, he raised the bar – The Boston Marathon Bomber took 3 lives – and I truly believe there would have been more if there weren’t so many medical professionals participating in the race who were able to administer life saving treatment instantly, right in the streets.  The Pulse Night Club Shooting 49 people lost their lives.  This newest attacker killed 58 people.  It hurts me to say that this won’t be the last.   How can we rationalize someone’s irrational behavior.  We can’t.  How can we protect ourselves and loved ones from another human whose intent is to kill.  We can be prepared.  We can’t stop a bomb blast, bullets or a speeding car. But we CAN be prepared to assist the persons who are injured and possibly prevent the death toll from climbing.  How can I be prepared, you ask?  You don’t have to be a badass to save a life.  Many of the people injured in the attacks I mentioned died from massive hemmorage, blood loss.  If people at the scene knew what to do to stop the bleeding perhaps the killer would have been cheated out of taking just one life.  That one life could be your loved one or friend.  Lets educate ourselves and put more people in the population who can save a life.  I’d like to see if you are interested in a great training program right here in Brevard County called “Stop the Bleed”.   Learn how to properly use a tourniquet and carry one with you all the time.  Keep one in your purse, your car, your desk, and know how to  “Stop the Bleed”.  Then most importantly, ACT.  You can’t prevent the attack, but you may be able to prevent just one life lost.  Get involved, take action and save a life.  That’s one less life the killer can take.

I can arrange for a “Stop the Bleed” training class.  If you are interested in taking it please contact me at



10 Weeks In

Our Palm Bay store has been open for about 10 weeks now.  Our Grand Opening was “off the charts” with attendance.  Not only did we have Brevard County’s Sheriff Wayne Ivey to address our guests, but our guests filled the store and spilled out into the parking lot!  SPACE COAST Daily covered the evening’s activities with a “Live” fb feed which allowed many of our followers who couldn’t make it to watch it at home.   Much to my surprise, the morning following the celebration Channel 6 News Reporter James Sparvero appeared at the store and filmed an interview with me about my new store which was aired on the 6:00 News in Orlando.  I’m happy to say we are off to a great start in our new location at 4270 Minton Road in Palm Bay, FL.  Just behind Walgreens.  I have so many new ideas that will be coming to life in the near future, and I can’t wait to share them here with you.

Stay Safe –